Lawrence Township 

January 3, 2022

 Reorganization Meeting

Appoint Temporary Chairman

Call to Order by Temporary Chairman

Pledge to the Flag

Appoint Chairman

Appoint Vice-Chairman

Newly Elected Supervisor

Appoint Road Master

Set Wages

Appoint Secretary/Treasurer-Set Bond

Appoint Vacancy Board Person (John McDivitt)

Appoint SEO (Ridgerunner SEO Services, Terry Myers)

Appoint Police Chief (Scott Shutt)

Appoint Municipality Authority (Edward Wyble)

Appoint Open Records Officer (Susan Williams)

Appoint Planning Commission (Alan Strouse)

Appoint Planning Commission Secretary (Stacy Strouse)

Appoint 1zoning Hearing Board (Bill Fye) (Ben Heater)

Appoint Emergency Coordinator (Tim Short)

Appoint Tioga TCC (Primary, First and Second Delegate)

Appoint Solicitor (Chris Lantz)

Appoint COG

Appoint Act 531 Collector (Keystone)

Appoint Banking (Northwest)

Appoint Convention Delegate

Building Code Enforcement (Erb Inspection, Inc) (James Sonnema)

Zoning Officer (Vacant)

Part Time Employees

Set Mileage (IRS 58.5 cents)

Set Meeting Dates & Time

Adjourn Organization Meeting

Regular Meeting

Call to Order by Chairman

Pledge to the Flag

Public Comment on Agenda items only. (All other public comments will be taken at the end of the meeting)


Minutes of Previous Meeting


Township Reports-

  • Lawrenceville Ambulance Report
  • Lawrenceville Fire Department Report
  • Police Report
  • Road Master Report

Old Business-

New Business-

Zoning Permits-
  • Danette Buck 8X30 Addition
Public Comment-(no more than 5 minutes)

Next Scheduled Meeting- Monday February 7, 2022 @ 6:30 p.m.